13. The Main Contractor


  • The Main Contractor is a man or company that you employ to carry out your building works.

  • The contract to build your house is between you and the Main Contractor

  • The Main Contractor acts as the Project Manager, but also hires trades and subcontractors to undertake elements of the project.


Finding a Green Contractor

  • The Main Contractor for your Green home needs to be a cut above the average.

  • Green buildings tend to be of a higher margin of quality in workmanship to match some of the higher standards building performance involved.

  • Greener building systems are not as familiar to contractors as the traditional brick-cavity-block system.

  • Your contractor should either come with knowledge of the system, be prepared to learn on the job or employ a specialist sub-contractor to do some of the more unusual work.

  • A lot of the Greener building systems will be associated with specialist sub-contractors.

  • Though many fewer, contractors skilled in Green construction are usually well-known to the Green build community.

  • A list of Green building contractors can be found on the Green Register at http://www.greenregister.org.uk by clicking on ‘Search by Profession’ and selecting ‘Builder/Contractor’. The Green Register is based in Bristol so tends to attract professionals from mostly England and Wales. Scottish and Irish contractors are usually known by word of mouth. 

  • Your Green architect will be able to advise you on the most suitable of contractors.

  • If you are going out for competitive tendering, you should identify a least 3 potential contractors.

  • You should get to see their work and talk to previous clients to find out more about them. Ultimately you will be likely working with them closely to a lesser or greater extent - so you need to get on!